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Why should you buy Blue Topaz?

Besides the stunning appearance, Blue Topaz's healing and spiritual properties have only gotten better over time.

Here are a few reasons as to why Blue Topaz would be the perfect stone for you :

  1. Known to soothe and heal- It promotes forgiveness, truth and joy. Blue Topaz is often associated with love and loyalty. It’s said to represent eternal friendship and deep, long-lasting love.

  2. Connected with the Throat chakra - Blue Topaz improves communication and self-expression.

  3. Physical health benefits - Aids with issues pertaining to the throat and head

  4. The 16th Anniversary gift - If you and your partner are soon to celebrate your 16th Anniversary or you're looking for a gift for your dear ones 16th Anniversary, Blue Topaz is the perfect fit! It is an auspicious gift for such an event.

  5. December birthstone- If you or someone close to you is born in December, Blue Topaz is the lucky stone!

  6. Hardness of 8 on Mohs scale - Makes Blue Topaz ideal for daily wear

For our Blue Topaz collection, click here:

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