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Our Story

Formerly known as Amar Gems & Crafts, the legacy brand was set up in 1977 in Colaba, Mumbai by Kenny and Manoj Punjabi. The retail outlet was known for its handicrafts like ivory and sandalwood, brass articles , silver utensils , gold and silver jewellery and loose gemstones. Amar Gems also Exported loose stones and wooden articles to Saudi Arabia. 

In 1985 the brand's focus shifted mainly to loose gemstones and gemstone jewellery set in gold and sterling silver. 
Currently, we sell rough gemstones, loose gemstones, gemstones in gold and 925 sterling silver and gemstone figurines. Amar Gems also offers customisation of any desired design! 

The brand is named after Kenny Punjabi's mother, who the family lovingly called 'Amar' 

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The product and designs

Colored gemstones are at the centre of all our products with jewellery designs ranging from Indian and traditional to European and contemporary - a perfect blend of traditional and modern values and design.


The pieces involve intricate craftsmanship by artisans from Jaipur, Kerala and Mumbai who handcraft our jewellery perfect for every occasion. We use varied grades of gemstones in our jewellery to fit every budget, with gold jewellery having the highest grade of gemstones. All jewellery pieces are hallmarked 925 sterling silver and 18 karat and 14 karat gold with certified gemstones giving you the promise of purity and authenticity. 


Each gemstone symbolises a quality and has a meaning behind it, making it a thoughtful and meaningful gift. Our jewellery is popular for gifting for every occasion, specially anniversaries as each anniversary year has a gemstone associated with it. It is a common practice to pass on jewellery to the next generations- with our timeless pieces that celebrate the eternal nature of gemstones, you’re assured a great investment to pass on to your lasting relationships. 


Apart from gemstone jewellery, we also specialise in the sale of rough, cut and polished gemstones. We can even use these stones to customise your dream design!


Our clients appreciate the practical knowledge / view that we bring to the table when it comes to customising or repairing jewellery. At Amar Gems, we can provide the expertise on if a design will work or not, keeping in mind the technicalities of jewellery making. The customised designs pay great attention to craftsmanship and detailing.

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