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Is your opal cracking?

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Due to prolonged exposure to heat, your opal may form cracks as the water content in the opal dries out. But we have a solution for you!

Immerse your opal in water for 3-4 days to get it back to its original state. You can watch our video to see how this works - Does your opal have cracks? . Ethiopian Opals are Hydrophane as it absorbs water and changes color - if this happens to your opal - no need to stress, with simple air-drying, the original color will return.

In case you need to repair or get your Opal / Opal jewellery checked by our gemstone expert, contact us here!

Pro tip! It is better to set your opals in pendants / earrings to avoid scratching. In case you have an Opal ring, be gentle with it and avoid wearing it during chores that could cause the stone to come in contact with hard objects and in turn scratch. You could also go for bezel setting in case of Opal rings to add that protective layer.

You can read our jewellery care guide on how to take care of your Opal jewellery and other gemstones as well.

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