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Picking the right purity and color of gold

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

So what do we mean by purity of Gold?

Gold is measured in Karat, which indicates its purity. As you all might be aware, gold is usually purchased in 18, 22 and 24k which vary in terms of purity.

What are the various purposes of gold?

24k is the purest form of gold, however, it is malleable that is-soft and easily damageable. That is why 18 and 22k gold is used when we make jewellery. Lesser the purity, the more durable is the gold. 18k gold is perfect for gemstone jewellery where as 22k is better for plain gold jewellery. Why? Well as to hold the gemstones and prevent damage we need it to br durable. 24k gold is available as gold biscuits or coins and is used as an investment, it is also used in electrical and medical devices and its even used in food. Yes you heard right. It is edible too!

How are different colors of gold obtained?

Many different colours can be obtained by mixing the gold with an alloy. Yellow gold can be obtained by combining gold with copper, where as white gold requires gold to be combined with nickel. Rose gold is a combination of gold, copper and silver.

In India, gold is easily available and is popular in yellow, white and rose gold color. As per our customers requirements in the past, we have created gold jewellery closest to the desired colour.

In case of diamond jewellery, what color of gold should be used?

So here is a tip to help you choose which colour of gold would better suit your diamond jewellery.

In case you are looking to set a white diamond in gold jewellery, it is advisable to go for white gold as yellow gold prevents the actual colour of the stone being visible as it combines with it. For this reason, light colour and light brown diamonds are set in yellow gold to enhance the look of the stone.

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