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Why should you buy an Amethyst?

Updated: Aug 11

Besides the stunning appearance, Amethyst's healing and spiritual properties have only gotten better over time.

Here are a few reasons as to why Amethyst would be the perfect stone for you :

  1. Known as the Cleansing crystal - Over the years, the stone has been known to provide calm, serenity and help the mind find some clarity. Healers use amethyst to reduce anxiety, rage and fear, release stress and soothe irritability.

  2. Promotes sobriety - Due to a myth in Ancient Greece, Ancient Romans believed that if a drinking vessel was carved out of or decorated with Amethysts, it could prevent drunkenness and encourage sobriety.

  3. Connected with the Third eye chakra - Amethyst is known to open a person’s third eye, which is meant to be a source of wisdom and power. According to the practitioners, Amethyst activates enlightenment and spiritual visions.

  4. Physical health benefits - Amethyst enhances the immune system, improves skin appearance, aids in tissue regeneration, promotes digestive health, reduces headaches, boosts hormone production, heals lungs and respiratory diseases and improves the endocrine function.

  5. Absorbs negative energy - You can place an Amethyst crystal / geode in your home to absorb the negative energy and spread tranquility. Amethyst also enhances memory, motivates you and relieves insomnia by placing the stone close to the bed while attempting to sleep.

  6. The 6th and 33rd Anniversary gift - If you and your partner are soon to celebrate your 6th or 33rd Anniversary or you're looking for a gift for your dear ones 6th or 33rd Anniversary, Amethyst is the perfect fit! It is an auspicious gift for such an event.

  7. It does not get wet- with hardness of 7, Amethyst does not dissolve in water, however, you must avoid prolonged exposure to water.

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