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Looking for some good luck?

Your search stops here! Gemstones are used as good luck charms from time immemorial and we have a list of 5 stones that will bring immense luck to you.

Citrine - Lucky Merchant's stone

Known as the Lucky Merchant's stone, citrine is helpful in bringing luck in terms of finance and business. It helps the wearer attract abundance and be innovative in achieving financial success. Citrine is known to transmute negative energy and attract good luck.

Amethyst- The most powerful and protective stone

This gemstone brings luck in various aspects of life- health, spirituality, wealth, education and love and relationship. Amethyst attracts prosperity and success, specially for those in the coal & oil shipping business and those in the legal sector.

Clear Quartz- The stone of high vibrations

This stone amplifies good luck in terms of education, mentorship, health and wealth. Clear quartz is powerful stone that is known to amplify your thought and put it out in the universe.